Consumer Workers’ Forum: Wellbeing in the spotlight

November 2017

NSW Mental Health Commission staff were among the guest speakers at this year’s Consumer Workers’ Forum, which saw peer workers from across the state come together for two days of networking, sharing and learning.

Commission staff led an education session that introduced peer workers to the Wheel of Wellbeing model. This increasingly-used approach encourages people to improve their lives by undertaking activities in six areas: mind, body, spirit, people, place and planet. The tool can be used by peer workers to help clients in their recovery, as well as to support peer workers’ own wellbeing.

In the exhibition space, the Commission continued the wellbeing theme, with a ‘wellbeing station’ set up offering a photography activity to take notice of place, a horticultural activity to care for the planet and a compliment activity to encourage a giving spirit.

consumer workers forum WB
NSW Mental Health Commission staff and NSW Deputy Mental Health Commissioner Allan Sparkes.