Update on Collaborative activities

The NSW Wellbeing Collaborative has been busy since our launch in June 2015, finalising projects and developing proposals around some new ideas.

Filmed during June’s launch event, the Wellbeing Collaborative video is now up on the website. Take a moment to have a look if you haven’t already https://wbcnsw.net/.  It’s very exciting to see how many people have joined the Wellbeing Collaborative Network since we went live.

On the day of the launch we also held a Wellbeing Evaluation Tools and Measures workshop with a group of international experts. A report has been received on this workshop and will inform the ongoing work on wellbeing evaluation, tools and measures in 2015/2016.

As you are aware, a consultation was held earlier in the year to inform the development of a Wellbeing Language and Definitions Guide. An overview of the key findings was presented at the launch of the Collaborative and will inform the finalisation of the Guide.

The NSW Mental Health Commission is supporting the development of a Framework for Wellbeing in NSW. This significant piece of work will commence in January 2016 and will require diverse expert input from the Wellbeing Collaborative.

Keep up to date on further developments by joining the Wellbeing Collaborative Network group on LinkedIn

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